Google Chrome

Google Chrome Will Soon Recognize And Tag Websites That Load Slowly

Google Chrome will soon tag websites that currently load slowly. The search giant can use badge to tag websites that load slowly. The company says that it can even choose to classify places that are lent depending on the computer and current network conditions of the user. Google is the largest source of mobile web pages and has been working for some time to get rid of slow download sites.

The new plan appears to be an embarrassment to the websites that are slow to load. If you ever wonder if the website is sluggish or the network, this will help you to better understand it. According to TechCrunch, Google has not yet determined the precise marking for sluggish websites. Nonetheless, it plans to try out various options and see what makes the most sense.

Google says it could have a “Download…” page for a slow loading website. It may also display an alert such as a warning icon or text reading “normally loads slowly.” On the other hand, a fast website may show a green progress indicator bar at the top of the page. It varies from the blue used for sluggish websites. This says that Chrome can use the context menu to help users know if a connection is going to slow down the page.

It allows users to determine whether to click on this link or not. Google wants Chrome to recognize and advise websites with “high-quality” experiences. This can include variables beyond the speed of charging. The search giant does not share the causes, only strict criteria. The organization also recommends that developers access its website quality tools. When apps and websites abide by the terms of Google, it allows the company to provide a better mobile experience. So a better experience with advertising.