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Microsoft Releases Edge browser For Windows and macOS

Officially, Microsoft announced that its new Edge Chromium browser would start the first’ stables’ version for both the Mac and Windows platforms.

Microsoft primarily targets Edge on Windows and macOS users of businesses, but customers can download and install it manually, The Verge published on Wednesday.

For those running Windows 7, 8.1, or 10, or for macOS who want the updated Microsoft Edge, the Microsoft website can be downloaded.

The Edge for Mac was designed to be close to the Edge experience for Windows and Mac users that want to use Firefox, and the cross-platform browser is available for Pc, Windows and iOS devices that can be downloaded using the EdgeiOS app.

Over the next few months, as rollout is gradually taking place, Microsoft will slowly push this new version of Edge to Windows 10 users via Windows Update.

In addition, Microsoft will arrive sometime in February to make regular updates for the new Canary, Dev, and Beta software available daily, weekly and multi-weekly and the next stable edition of Edge.